Best Brooding Box for Ducks

Best Brooding Box for Ducks

The brooding box is where your ducks will sleep

Your baby duckling is going to be spending a lot of time in the brooding area, since this is where your duck is going to be living!

You will want to make sure that your brooding area is comfortable for your ducks

I’ll be sharing some solid tips that I have learned over the years as a duck caretaker.

  • Make sure that your brooding area is clean and dry. It will also need to be well-lit with proper ventilation. Assure that there are no drafts entering the brooding area. This is going to maximize the comfort level of your baby duckling.
  • Make sure that the brooding area is enclosed and secure. This will help keep out predator animals, such as foxes and cats. This will help make sure that your baby duckling isn’t turned into a meal for some hungry animals.
  • Make sure that the bedding is absorbent. Baby ducklings love playing in their water trays. Water is going to be spilled on the bedding. Hay seems to work well for ducks. But wood shavings are not ideal. Your little pal may try to eat these shavings.

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