There are many benefits to having ducks as pets. Ducks lay eggs and produce more eggs than chickens. They typically live for a long time – many ducks live for 10-15 years when well cared for. It is important to note that ducks produce a lot of manure. This makes them a great pet if you have a garden you’d like to keep fertilized, but it also means they can be messy. Generally, ducks are great pets: they’re friendly, and can actually produce a profit for their owners,

Are ducks friendly?

Ducks are one of the most popular and beloved birds in the world. From Daffy Duck, to Donald Duck, they're one of the world's most celebrated creatures. With their cute…

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Why I Think Ducks Make Great Pets

I can say that ducks can make great pets for the right person or family. For over a decade I've had ducks in my life in one way or another.…

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Best Duck Breeds for Eggs

Introduction: what are the best duck breeds for eggs? When it comes to egg-laying ducks, there are a few breeds that stand out from the rest. Some of the best…

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How long do ducks live?

Introduction: How long do ducks live? Some ducks live as long as 20 years while others only live for a few months. Ducks are mostly water birds and their lifespan…

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What Ducks Eat

Introduction: what ducks eat What ducks eat is a mystery to many, but scientists have long known that these aquatic birds consume a variety of things, including small fish, insects,…

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How To Raise Healthy, Friendly Ducks

Are you thinking about raising ducks? Although they may seem similar, ducks are different than chickens and they have different needs. Ducks also come with a completely new set of benefits and challenges. In this article, we will explore what you need to raise healthy ducks, how to choose your breed, and answer common concerns about ducks.


Best Food for Pet Ducks

Ducks are omnivorous and will eat just about anything, so finding food for them is not a challenge. However, there are many different types of feed that ducks will enjoy,…